Black Swan Yoga – Kirby

In terms of yoga class, Black Swan Yoga is just about tied with Revolution Studio. In terms of facility and people, Revolution takes the cake hands down, no competition. I used one of my class pass classes on Black Swan Yoga on Kirby even though I don’t think they do memberships. I think you just pay $10 per class, but don’t quote me on that. Parking kind of sucked too. I had to park in the strip center next to theirs, and was kind of nervous that I would get towed because Houston is awful about towing and I wasn’t technically a customer of that strip center, but I figured it was around closing time for those shops and I was running a bit late so yeah. Didn’t get a ticket or towed so I guess if you go to Black Swan Yoga on Kirby and they are out of parking spots, you can park in front of the mattress store, I guess…

Anyways, I walked into BSY and I was really shocked because it was like all guys. Usually there are a few guys in my yoga classes, but this was way more than usual it seemed like. Anyways I got signed in and the girl was like, “Enjoy.” I was like … uhhh where do I go?? Basically there is the lobby with cubbies (not lockers) and one big yoga room. So I made my way into the studio and claimed my spot and luckily I wasn’t running any later than I already was because class was absolutely packed!! We were squinching together to make space for everyone.

I took a 60 min flow from Angie… I think… and it was fantastic. I had had a pretty stressful day at work that day and needed to really unwind and this class did the trick. We started with a typical warm up and a flow very similar to Revolution but then ended with some balance postures and our cool down and final resting state. The class was decently advanced … or I guess you could say intermediate. Any level yogi would be welcome and could take moderations if needed, but I really had to push myself to keep up with some of the poses.

I would say BSY is also a hot yoga, but not inferno. I was pretty drenched by the end of class. The community aspect I was typically look for at any gym was kind of lacking. The instructor never introduced herself to us and the staff was just kind of like, “Oh it’s your first time? Cool …” I don’t know, I don’t think I deserve to be treated like royalty, but it really makes a huge difference when the staff and instructors take an extra step to make you feel welcomed.

Another little perk about BSY is that there is a juice/smoothie shop connected to it for a post flow pick-me-up. I didn’t try it because I was going home to cook dinner right away, but I have heard really good things about JuiceLand and will have to try it sometime. May even have to write a post about juice/smoothie places in Houston. I definitely have a favorite (cough cough Sustain Juicery cough cough). So many people think these juice places are all super healthy and then they go and get a cup of sugar. Sorry (not really that sorry) about the tangent … but yeah… BSY was a really fantastic workout and I would suggest taking a class there, butttt getting there early because it does get PACKED.


For more information on Black Swan Yoga at Kirby visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @blackswanyogahouston

DEFINE Bellaire – Hammock Yoga

*After I wrote this post, I decided to add this disclaimer at the top because this post is jibberish… I even say that towards the end, but I did my best to describe my experience sooooo yeah… enjoy… or don’t… whatever 🙂

I have never felt so free and relaxed, yet empowered and strong. Hammock yoga is like this magical little workout where you walk in feeling tense, sore and maybe even anxious and leave 75 minutes later a calmer, more aware human being. I know this sounds super strange and hippie dippy, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

Like I said, the workout is 75 minutes long and NOTHING like what I was expecting. From the pictures I’d seen, I thought it would be more like an areal or silks class. Lots of strength training while using the hammock as a prop, and boy was I wrong. We started off laying in the hammock like we were little caterpillars in a cocoon. We worked on our breathing and just becoming present in the moment. Leaving the outside world outside for the time being and just focus on the now, which is really what the practice of yoga is all about. Then we came out of our hammocks and did some light stretching and waking up our bodies. Our instructor (whose name I forgot) asked the class what we wanted to work on so she could tailor the class to the people in the room, which was great because I always need to work on relieving tension in my shoulder. We spent quite a bit of time on the mat with a ball rolling out our muscles, basically the same as using a foam roller, but we used a ball instead, which I actually liked a lot more. You could really pinpoint specific muscles and had better control with the ball vs. a foam roller. What was strange was that we spend most of the time rolling out our pelvic muscles, abs and obliques. I have never rolled those out before, and it hurt so badly during the actual workout but the aftermath was total relaxation. We also used the ball to roll out our neck, shoulders and back. Then we made our move to the hammock and just hung upside down releasing every single muscle and just focused on breathing. After we hung, we used the hammock to stretch out our hip flexors and this was an incredible feeling. I have SUPER TIGHT hip flexors, and pigeon pose in yoga is always painful and awkward but much needed. We did pigeon pose while standing with one leg in the hammock and I could have just stayed in that pose the entire time and would have been so happy. The instructor explained how the hammock helps our bodies stretch by using our natural form instead of trying to force our bodies into a certain position. I don’t really know if that made sense, but whateverrrr. After we did some more hammock stretching we hung upside down one more time before class was over.

Hammock 2.jpg

I feel like this whole post is just jibberish, but I really don’t know how to explain what we did any better. I HIGHLY suggest you trying this class out though especially if you are one of those people who are constantly killing it in the gym orrrr if you sit at a desk all day everyday and your posture is compromised. I also wish I could better explain the feeling I had when I left the studio. Well, right as I was walking out I didn’t feel that different, but about 30 minutes after, I was just like gleaming. I was just so in the moment and aware of how good my body felt. Every single muscle was relieved of tension and stress. It was just this empowering yet calming sensation. I don’t know … like I said, you need to try it out to see what I am talking about and then you can comment with your experience because this is pure jibberish…


For more information on DEFINE body & mind at Bellaire visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @definebellaire

30 Days of Yoga

If you’ve been following along with my fitness journey thus far, then it is no surprise that I am mildly obsessed with Revolution Studio. I got hooked when I did their yoga and cycle intro special and went religiously for 2 weeks to as many classes as I possible could, then I signed up for a yoga special they were running and went to as many yoga classes as I could in a 30-day period and most recently, I signed up for another 30-days of unlimited yoga and have practiced yoga EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 days. Here is what I have learned from practicing yoga every day for 30 days.

First of all, yoga for me is more of a mental exercise than a physical one. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen incredible physical changes in my body, but that’s not what it is about for me. When I get on my yoga mat, it is time for me to focus on nothing but the current moment. It is very hard to practice yoga while carrying the weight of the day with you. When I walk into that room, nothing else matters except for my breathing, my focus and my practice. The other thing I really love about yoga is that it is MY yoga practice. Everyone in the room has their own yoga practice and is doing their own version of the suggested flow. At Revolution Studio, the instructors are adamant about listening to your body and doing what your body is craving, not what they are instructing. I remember one time one of the instructors was like, “If you lie in child’s pose for the next 45-minutes and do nothing but focus on your breath, I would be ecstatic that you listened to your body and were confident enough to do something different.”

Time of day made a huge difference when it came to my practice. If I could wake up to yoga and fall asleep to yoga, I would be a very happy human. Any day that I was able to wake up and practice yoga was a much more focused, peaceful and productive day, however, on days when I didn’t have time to squeeze in an A.M. flow, but instead ended the day with yoga, I was able to show up on my mat and just release whatever happened earlier that day and retire the night much more relaxed and calm.  

So how did I really benefit from 30 days of yoga? My mindset shifted. I was constantly embracing the little wins and setting new ‘impossible’ goals for myself. I couldn’t do crow pose 30 days ago. It was physically impossible for me to do, but I kept telling myself that I wanted to do crow pose. That was my goal. At some point I was able to sort of do crow pose, but only for a few really brief seconds and only if I was having a good day, but I geeked out about my progress. It may not have been pretty, but I was doing something today, that I couldn’t do yesterday and I completely and wholeheartedly embraced that. Now I can do crow pose like nobody’s business and although I am still geeking out about this little win, I am already setting new goals for myself. I am looking at poses that are physically impossible for me to do right now, but I know one day I will be able to do as long as I just keep practicing and celebrating the little wins to keep me motivated along the way.

Physically I can see and feel a HUGE difference in my arms and core. I used to have arms. Just arms. They weren’t defined, but they also weren’t not defined. They were just arms. Now I can actually see and feel defined muscles, especially my shoulder and triceps. Don’t get me wrong, you might look at me and be like, “She’s cray cray. I don’t see shit.” But, I noticed a major difference and can tell during my practice. Down dog or plank use to be very hard for me to hold for a long period of time, and I would constantly have to drop down into child’s pose for a break. The past few classes, I have been able to move through the entire 45 minutes without dropping or even wanting to drop. My core is also much stronger and I know this because my balance is like night and day. I still wobble and occasionally fall, whatever … but it’s nothing compared to my first few classes. I can’t say I really see a physical difference in my core, but I can tell a major difference in my practice.

Overall, I felt like over the past 30 days I was constantly celebrating a win. Whether it was just that I was twisting a little deeper, stretching a little further, breathing a little deeper, or finally being able to hold a pose I had never been able to hold before, I was always winning. Just showing up everyday felt like a win. Now I challenge you to finish the year strong by taking the 30 day yoga challenge yourself! You may not want to join a gym or may hate taking classes, but I just googled “30 day yoga challenge” and there are a TON of results. Pick a program or sign up for a month at your local gym and then commit to showing up EVERY DAMN DAY. You will thank yourself in the end.


Just start…

Today I want to take the time to talk about ‘getting started.’ What do I mean by that? Well, lately (actually for as long as I can remember) I have heard this phrase, “I will start on Monday,” or “I will take that class after I get stronger/better/faster/skinnier.” And quite frankly, this drives me CRAZY to hear. If you want something bad enough, JUST FREAKING DO IT NOW! Procrastinating when it comes to your health is one of the worst things you could possibly do for yourself.

For those of you who say, ‘I will go to the gym once I lose 5-10 lbs …” If I ever hear that again, I will literally slap you in the face, I promise you that. Let’s just think about this rationally. Let’s use yoga as an example because this is one that I hear a lot of excuses with. When I ask a friend if they want to join me for a yoga class, I get this, “But I am not good at yoga. I need to get better before I join you…” What do you think I am doing?! Do you think I was born as a yoga wizard, hell I’m still lightyears away from being considered even good at yoga. I wobble, I shake, I take breaks and sometimes I even faceplant, because I am human. You are human. Everyone in the class is human. We are all perfectly imperfect. I am clumsy, I am ungraceful, I forget poses, but I am practicing and getting better each and every single f***ing day.

I love this quote by Rutherford B. Hayes, “Every expert was once a beginner.” All I am asking you is that you start. Don’t be afraid to go into the weight room only if you can only lift 5 lb. weights. I’ve been that person. Don’t be afraid to go to yoga and faceplant. I have been that person. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a 5k even if you have to walk most (or all) of it. I have been that person. I have been that person and will continue to be that person with every new class I take and every new place I try. I will be that person proudly because I know every time I am that person I become stronger/better/happier physically and mentally. All I am asking is that you try to be that person too. If you want to take a class, just do it. Don’t let the fear of what others will think or say keep you from trying something new. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone else in the class is right there with you. No one is judging you because you can’t touch your toes, and if they are, WHY DO YOU FREAKING CARE?!?!?

I don’t want this to seem like I am ridiculing anyone for choosing not to workout. It is your choice to be healthy. What I do get upset about is when I see and hear people continually talk about bad doctor visits and negative tests results and then continue to make poor choices. When people complain about being overweight and out of shape, but put in zero effort to make a change. You don’t have to be like me, actually I don’t want you to be like me at all. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym every single day, but you do have to do SOMETHING. I workout as much as I do, because working out to me is therapeutic. Showing myself what my body is capable of doing, takes away any angst and anxiety about what my body looks like. 60 days ago I couldn’t do crow pose to save my life. I have practiced crow over and over and now I can hold it for as long as my little heart pleases and it’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Had I not wobbled and face planted over and over and over and over … had I not kept trying, kept practicing, had I not started, I would never know this feeling. And it’s a great freaking feeling!

I am writing this today with a big emphasis on yoga, because I am back at Revolution Studio for another 30 days. They have a special going on right now if you sign up for 30 days of yoga during the month of November, it is only $40 versus their normal rate of $95! My goal is to practice yoga every day for 30 days straight, no if, ands or buts about it. After 30 days I will write a post on how, if at all, my body and mind has changed. I already have a few people who are trying this out with me, but if you are interested in taking the challenge too I would be more than happy to have you join me!



I am very conflicted with my experience with HOTWORX at Planet Beach. I haven’t been posting in awhile because I was so graciously given a free month at Planet Beach by a friend and I wanted to use my membership as much as possible.

I came across HOTWORK through a Facebook ad stating, “Come try a FREE HOTWORK workout.” I signed up for my first class, even asked a friend to join and when we showed up we were told that they class was free, but we had to pay $10 each to rent a HOTWORX mat and towel. We decided to go ahead and try the class and I was pretty happy with the actual workout, but I will get to that in a bit.

I want to start this blog by talking about the lack of communication and somewhat manipulation of the staff at Planet Beach. If you don’t want to hear my rant, skip this paragraph to read about the actual workout. First, it was the “FREE” class that actually costed $10, no biggie. Then we were told that they had a special going on for $99/mo. unlimited services including HOTWORX, all tanning services, the massage bed, facials and teeth whitening. We were shocked at the deal and asked numerous times, “So it’s only $99 for all of that?!” and told yes everytime. We both purchased the package and were on our way, excited about all the pampering we would get over the next month. I showed up for my first HOTWORX session as a member as was asked if I wanted to pay the $10 to rent the towel and mat or buy my own for $50…..WHAT? I thought it was covered in the $99. NOPE! And you can’t use your own mat and towel, even though I have 8 million mats at home because these are special mats and towels that are made for the temperature … I call bullshit, but on with my rant. So I said, “Fine. I will buy the mat and towel for $50 because I will come more than 5 times.” Long story short, 2 days later, I get a charge on my card for $100….because according to the girl who worked there, it was $50 for the mat and $50 for the towel even though my friend and I both heard on multiple occasions her say, “It’s $50 for the mat and towel.” NOT “$50 for the mat and $50 for the towel.” I mean what sane person would pay $100 for a freaking mat and towel … I already thought $50 was outrageous. Even longer story short, everything we did besides tanning and the massage bed was an extra fee. Want a facial, the service is free but you have to pay for the products. Same with teeth whitening. All bullshit if you ask me AND a fantastic way to lose a customer. BYEEE Planet Beach forever.

Ok onto the actual HOTWORX workout. HOTWORX is a little wooden room that you rent out for  1-3 people. There is a TV inside and you pick between like 7 different workouts like yoga, pilates, iso, warrior, etc. The room is basically an infrared sauna that is kept at 120-125 degrees. All of the videos were pretty similar. Basically you hold poses for about 1-2 minutes at a time and just SWEAT. Each video is 30 minutes long which is just enough to have you completely drenched by the time you walk out. The workouts were moderately difficult. I could do 90% of the poses without letting up but my right hand girl had a bit more trouble during the workouts. I enjoyed the workouts and felt re-energized whenever we were done, but I probably would never do HOTWORX again, esp if the customer service is as bad as it was here at other Planet Beach locations. (btw we went to the one on Buffalo Speedway)


Another note on HOTWORX. I have always had a bad pain in my shoulder, just a effed up muscle, but on days I did HOTWORX, the pain would melt away within being in the sauna for only 5-10 minutes. I need to find me a sauna to visit more often I suppose.

Anyways, I suggest HOTWORX if you like to sweat but want low impact. I don’t suggest it because it is expensive as hell for what it is. I would suggest just finding a real yoga or pilates studio to go to instead, unless you hate working out in front of people, then we are back at a pro for HOTWORX since you are by yourself in a room. All in all, there were more cons than pros with HOTWORX.


Learn more about HOTWORK at or find Planet Beach at Rice on Facebook at


Hot Yoga Plus – Hot Pilates

pricing Talk about a good community. Traci Silverman, a friend from networking, invited me as her guest to a 60-minute hot pilates class that she teaches. As soon as I opened the doors to Hot Yoga Plus, I was greeted by some of the nicest people. Traci introduced me to two other instructors, the instructors introduced me to other classmates and so on and so on. I felt like I met every person in the studio which is always a welcoming feeling. I set all of my belonging in a cubby along with me socks and shoes and got set up with my mat, towel and water (weights optional) and waited for class to start.

The room was hot (somewhere in the high 90s), so I started to ‘glisten’ before we even started moving. Side note: I highly suggest investing in a yoga mat towel if you are going to do any sort of hot yoga or Pilates. I have one on my to buy list and am in desperate need because I am always losing my grip and sliding around on my mat. Click the image below to see more fun options and pricing for yoga mat towels on Amazon.

The first half of the class was all mat work. It included lots of breathing exercises, hip raises and abdominal work. Then we got up and did a round of ‘crazy 8’s.’ From the sounds people were making, I was prepared to die … but it really wasn’t that bad. I was told at the beginning of class by one of the other instructors to not use weights for my first class, but I definitely needed them. Crazy 8’s were a series of exercises, where you perform 1 exercise for 20 seconds then get a 5 second rest, then you do the 1st exercise for 20 seconds, 5 second transition, 2nd exercise for 20 seconds, 5 second rest, then the 1st exercise for 20 seconds, 5 second transition, 2nd exercise for 20 seconds, 5 second transition, 3rd exercise for 20 seconds, 5 second rest and so on until you get to 8 exercises in total. Traci called the workout a HIIT workout that was pilates inspired. (HIIT stands for high intensity interval training)

Traci was a great instructor! Very energetic and even brought ‘shots’ for everyone. She said at the beginning that she will bring the juice shots, we bring the 6 packs….that made me chuckle. I would rate the workout a medium intensity workout. I definitely needed weights to increase intensity, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started so I never grabbed them. I think the hardest part about the entire workout was just the heat. Every inch of me was covered in sweat and I started to get just the tiniest bit light headed towards the end because of the heat and probably a little dehydration.

Overall it was a fun new workout, but I don’t think it is something that would become part of my everyday routine. I especially loved the environment and the people I met, but the workout just wasn’t quite my style, unfortunately. They are having a special right now for anyone interested in trying it out, $30 for 14 days unlimited.

Hot Pilates with Traci

For more information on Hot Yoga Plus and to see pricing and membership availabilities visit

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DEFINE body & mind

There is one word I would use to describe this workout and that is, FIRE. My legs were on absolute fire during the “body” class at DEFINE body & mind in West University. DEFINE body & mind offers a variety of classes at 11 studios in the Houston (and surrounding) area. Their classes are body, rev, bounce, yoga and mind. You get one free trial class and can sign up for it online or by calling in. I had issues with the submission form online so I gave them a call and they were so kind and knowledgeable. I asked for a class recommendation and the girl suggested body or bounce (trampolines) for a first timer like me. Since the bounce classes didn’t fit my schedule, I just went ahead and signed up for the body class , but I will be back from bounce one day.

When I showed up, I was welcomed by the staff and given a quick little tour of the facility. Right up front they have a cute little retail section that I had to exercise extreme willpower to stay away from. They also had the cycling room in back, the multipurpose room up front and a little kitchen area to the side. Oh and parking is odd. They have a small lot on the side of the building, but then about 2-3 blocks down they have another designated lot … just FYI.

So the body class is described as “A one-stop shop for the tone and length you’ve been looking for. This results-oriented class combines Pilates, yoga, ballet and core strengthening techniques, coupled with easy to use equipment (for that extra oomph!) to define your best body.” I had never taken a class like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Courtney was my instructor and was super sweet. She helped me get set up, put me in the front of the class (eek) and helped me through the entire workout.

The workout covered full body and the equipment used were a light and heavy set of weights, a ball (not sure if it has an actual name) and a band to stretch at the end. You are also positioned on a yoga mat in front of a ballet bar. The workout was intense from the beginning, but a different kind of intense then I am use to. I barely sweat, like at all, yet my muscles were just lit up. I haven’t felt burn like that in my legs in a long time. Arms and abs were burning too, but I was able to push through that pain. I kept having to take a break and stretch during the leg portions. I think the burn was so intense because the muscle movements were so very small and isolated.

The class was pretty full and ranged from what looked like beginners to advanced. I felt like majority of the people in the room had some sort of dance background which made me feel super clumsy and uncoordinated…but what’s new?! I am definitely interested in trying out some of the other classes they have to offer, but if you are looking for a toned body, I think this is a place you should try out. The body class really focused on strength and flexibility and was just a complete mix of pilates, yoga, strength, ballet…you name it!

All I know about pricing right now is that the first class is free and individual classes are $24 each. I know they have packages and plans, but I am not sure what they are yet. I am signed up to take the rev class in the next few days, so I will get some ideas on pricing and let you know about it in the next post. I am also excited to try the rev (cycling) class so I can compare it to the cycling classes at Revolution Studio (which I absolutely LOVED).

To find the location closest to you, visit:

I went to the location at West University here:

West University Facebook Page:

West University Instagram: @define_houston

Revolution Studio 2-week Summary

So, it has been a while since I have posted, but I promise I have been hustling! I just finished my 2-week trial at Revolution Studio in River Oaks and here is what I have learned:

  1. I have NO rhythm … and that is completely OKAY
  2. My body can do more than I think it is capable of.
  3. I have a new appreciation and complete LOVE for yoga.
  4. Cycling is NOTHING like I expected it to be.
  5. People are NICE 🙂
  6. I am sad now …

1 –  I always thought I had pretty good rhythm, but put me on a bike and ask me to pedal to a beat and it’s like the beat in my head and the beat everyone else is listening to is COMPLETELY different. What I loved about the classes though were how the instructors and other participants didn’t care! No one made fun of me. No one judged me. It was such a friendly, high-fiving, encouraging environment. Throughout the class the instructor continually says something along the lines of “one pack that rides together” and I love that comradery.

I took classes with Zach, John, Stephanie, Ally, Kris and Kristina. Kristina and Stephanie were my favorite!

2 – There were so many times in yoga where I looked at the instructor and was like, “Yeah … Noooo. I can’t do that.” And then I did it! It may not have looked as clean or poised, but it didn’t even matter because my body did something my mind didn’t think it could do!

3 – Yoga will now be in my weekly, if not daily practice. I loved the feeling I had of freedom after yoga, complete freedom and release from the stress of the day.

4 – I mentioned this in my previous ‘Revolution Ride’ post, but cycling is nothing like I expected. It is sooo much fun and although it completely drains me, it also completely energizes me.

5 – Everyone I met at Revolution, from the people at the front desk to the instructors to the members, everyone was just so nice and approachable. I truly felt like each instructor was working specifically with just me and really wanted the best for me. Revolution treats you like family.

6 – Now I am sad. Why? Because my 2 week trial is up and although I want to continue going, and will most likely be back for some more classes in the future, I really do need to move on and try some new places to blog about.

All in all I went to 7 cycling classes and 7 yoga classes in 2 weeks. Wish I could have made even more classes but it’s time to move on to new adventures. I will, however, be participating in Revolution’s Grow Your Flow Workshop on July 30th at 1:30PM. Contact or visit for more info. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Revolution Studio – Yoga

I am going to say this again. I am not a morning workout person. I’ve always wanted to be, but I just have no energy in the morning. Anyways, my schedule has been very VERY busy lately and I have been wanting to try Revolution Studio because someone recommended it to me, so I bit the bullet and signed up for a 5:30 AM class on Thursday. My choices were yoga or cycling … so obviously I chose yoga and boy did it change my perspective on morning workouts!

After my class with Frances, I felt so awake and focused and ready to tackle the day. The class I took was very small, only 3 people total, probably because no one is silly enough to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to workout. However, small classes are my favorite, as I have mentioned before.

Now, I’ve never really been a yoga person before. The extent of my yoga is one yoga class at the YMCA about a year ago and a couple of Beachbody video here and there, but I always really enjoy it when I do it. Frances was a fabulous instructor. She walked around and made sure everyone was in the best pose they could be in and really helped me realize how absolutely awful my posture is. I’ll work on that.

The room was so serene, too. The lights were low and candles were lit. It was warm but not enough to make it uncomfortable. Frances couldn’t get the music to work for class which had it’s pros and cons. Pros were that it made us focus more on our breathing and really helped us be in the moment. Cons were that the cycling class in the next room was so loud and upbeat that you could hear the music through the wall. I am not sure if our music would have drown that out, but It was definitely a distraction. There was also what I think was like a truck that passed below a few times and kept startling me, but I guess there is nothing to really do about that.

The class I took was called “Power Flow.” We went through our vinyasas and sequences for about 45 minutes and ended in Corpse Pose, or Shavasana where Frances came around and put a nice cool towel on our forehead as we let our muscles sink into the ground. I honestly felt like I woke up and went to the spa for 45 minutes before heading home to start my busy day.

Revolution Studio has a 2-week pass for first time clients for $35 where you can take as many cycling and yoga classes as your little heart desires. I was warned though to not sign up until the day of your first workout because the day you sign up is the day it starts, not the first time you go workout. After your 2-weeks is up it gets quite a bit more expensive. You can find all of their prices here

I went to the River Oaks location and I can’t really speak on traffic or parking because there was practically no one on the roads yet. The River Oaks location does have a parking garage but I am not sure how fast it fills up because there are tons of other shopping and restaurants sharing the garage. The studio itself was very nice. Free locker usage and after you take a yoga class you can just leave your mat and they will clean it up and store it for you until next class. I don’t know much about the cycling aspect yet but I will hit on that when I sign up for the 2-week trial, so be looking out for more info on Revolution Studio towards the middle of July.

For more info or to sign up for a class, visit