Method Pilates

I’m pretty sure I have said this a few times before, but reformers pilates is typically not my jam. I am more of the cycle, bootcamp, sweat, sweat, sweat type workout girl, buttttttt when one of my favorite yoga instructors from Revolution Studios opened up her own reformer pilates studios, I just had to give it a try.

I’ve taken 2 classes so far, both from Dani, and I have really enjoyed them. I still have 1 more to take, and I am looking forward to trying a different instructor. What I love about the studio is, well a lot. It is in Rice Village which is a great location, and has a Nourish juice bar in the front of the studio. All of the reformers have these cute and inspiring saying engraved into the floor and there is a really fun neon spring sign on the wall that is perfect for taking boomerangs (boomerang wouldn’t load for some reason 😦 but you can see the fun light up spring sign in the background of this pic even though it’s blurry). There is also a small retail section with method branded clothes and grippy socks and I so want to buy all of it!!

Method Pilates Rice Village

The class itself was medium intensity, which is perfect for beginners and also for the more advanced person. In 50 minutes they focus on your entire body. Both classes I have taken started with a focus on legs and booty, then we moved to arms and back and ended with abs and a bit of cardio. Like I said, full body workout! Legs and booty are usually worked by doing squats, lunges and leg lifts with resistance plus some other stuff. Arms are typically bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, etc. Abs are planks or mermaids (which SUCK). Lastly, cardio is like mountain climbers in plank position or something like that.

If you have never taken a reformer class, I definitely recommend trying one out. They are pretty fun mainly because it’s just different than anything else. It is all resistance which is adjusted by adding springs on and off your carriage which makes it harder or easier to move. It doesn’t seem like much when you are actually in the class though, or at least I never sweat and muscle fatigue doesn’t ever really happen for me, but in the days to follow I am always sore, especially in my abs and obliques.

One negative and positive about the class is that there are only 8 spots total per class so you have to book your class pretty far in advance cause they fill up FAST! The good part about there only being 8 people in class is that you get the one-on-one assistance and support you need from the instructor. Classes are all purchased and booked through their app which you can download from the app store for free. You can also see a full schedule and all of their pricing in the app. They have single classes for purchase if you just want to try it out once or packages that you can buy depending on what you are looking for.

So far I would say this is my favorite reformers pilates class. My ranking is:

  1. Method Pilates
  2. HIP
  3. Avenu Fitness

I still have a bunch of reformer classes already on my schedule to take and will add them to the rank as I blog about them. Whichever class you decide to take, just don’t forget your grippy socks!!!


For more information on Method Pilates visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @methodpilates (btw, their instagram is super cute)


Black Swan Yoga – Kirby

In terms of yoga class, Black Swan Yoga is just about tied with Revolution Studio. In terms of facility and people, Revolution takes the cake hands down, no competition. I used one of my class pass classes on Black Swan Yoga on Kirby even though I don’t think they do memberships. I think you just pay $10 per class, but don’t quote me on that. Parking kind of sucked too. I had to park in the strip center next to theirs, and was kind of nervous that I would get towed because Houston is awful about towing and I wasn’t technically a customer of that strip center, but I figured it was around closing time for those shops and I was running a bit late so yeah. Didn’t get a ticket or towed so I guess if you go to Black Swan Yoga on Kirby and they are out of parking spots, you can park in front of the mattress store, I guess…

Anyways, I walked into BSY and I was really shocked because it was like all guys. Usually there are a few guys in my yoga classes, but this was way more than usual it seemed like. Anyways I got signed in and the girl was like, “Enjoy.” I was like … uhhh where do I go?? Basically there is the lobby with cubbies (not lockers) and one big yoga room. So I made my way into the studio and claimed my spot and luckily I wasn’t running any later than I already was because class was absolutely packed!! We were squinching together to make space for everyone.

I took a 60 min flow from Angie… I think… and it was fantastic. I had had a pretty stressful day at work that day and needed to really unwind and this class did the trick. We started with a typical warm up and a flow very similar to Revolution but then ended with some balance postures and our cool down and final resting state. The class was decently advanced … or I guess you could say intermediate. Any level yogi would be welcome and could take moderations if needed, but I really had to push myself to keep up with some of the poses.

I would say BSY is also a hot yoga, but not inferno. I was pretty drenched by the end of class. The community aspect I was typically look for at any gym was kind of lacking. The instructor never introduced herself to us and the staff was just kind of like, “Oh it’s your first time? Cool …” I don’t know, I don’t think I deserve to be treated like royalty, but it really makes a huge difference when the staff and instructors take an extra step to make you feel welcomed.

Another little perk about BSY is that there is a juice/smoothie shop connected to it for a post flow pick-me-up. I didn’t try it because I was going home to cook dinner right away, but I have heard really good things about JuiceLand and will have to try it sometime. May even have to write a post about juice/smoothie places in Houston. I definitely have a favorite (cough cough Sustain Juicery cough cough). So many people think these juice places are all super healthy and then they go and get a cup of sugar. Sorry (not really that sorry) about the tangent … but yeah… BSY was a really fantastic workout and I would suggest taking a class there, butttt getting there early because it does get PACKED.


For more information on Black Swan Yoga at Kirby visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @blackswanyogahouston

Just start…

Today I want to take the time to talk about ‘getting started.’ What do I mean by that? Well, lately (actually for as long as I can remember) I have heard this phrase, “I will start on Monday,” or “I will take that class after I get stronger/better/faster/skinnier.” And quite frankly, this drives me CRAZY to hear. If you want something bad enough, JUST FREAKING DO IT NOW! Procrastinating when it comes to your health is one of the worst things you could possibly do for yourself.

For those of you who say, ‘I will go to the gym once I lose 5-10 lbs …” If I ever hear that again, I will literally slap you in the face, I promise you that. Let’s just think about this rationally. Let’s use yoga as an example because this is one that I hear a lot of excuses with. When I ask a friend if they want to join me for a yoga class, I get this, “But I am not good at yoga. I need to get better before I join you…” What do you think I am doing?! Do you think I was born as a yoga wizard, hell I’m still lightyears away from being considered even good at yoga. I wobble, I shake, I take breaks and sometimes I even faceplant, because I am human. You are human. Everyone in the class is human. We are all perfectly imperfect. I am clumsy, I am ungraceful, I forget poses, but I am practicing and getting better each and every single f***ing day.

I love this quote by Rutherford B. Hayes, “Every expert was once a beginner.” All I am asking you is that you start. Don’t be afraid to go into the weight room only if you can only lift 5 lb. weights. I’ve been that person. Don’t be afraid to go to yoga and faceplant. I have been that person. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a 5k even if you have to walk most (or all) of it. I have been that person. I have been that person and will continue to be that person with every new class I take and every new place I try. I will be that person proudly because I know every time I am that person I become stronger/better/happier physically and mentally. All I am asking is that you try to be that person too. If you want to take a class, just do it. Don’t let the fear of what others will think or say keep you from trying something new. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone else in the class is right there with you. No one is judging you because you can’t touch your toes, and if they are, WHY DO YOU FREAKING CARE?!?!?

I don’t want this to seem like I am ridiculing anyone for choosing not to workout. It is your choice to be healthy. What I do get upset about is when I see and hear people continually talk about bad doctor visits and negative tests results and then continue to make poor choices. When people complain about being overweight and out of shape, but put in zero effort to make a change. You don’t have to be like me, actually I don’t want you to be like me at all. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym every single day, but you do have to do SOMETHING. I workout as much as I do, because working out to me is therapeutic. Showing myself what my body is capable of doing, takes away any angst and anxiety about what my body looks like. 60 days ago I couldn’t do crow pose to save my life. I have practiced crow over and over and now I can hold it for as long as my little heart pleases and it’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Had I not wobbled and face planted over and over and over and over … had I not kept trying, kept practicing, had I not started, I would never know this feeling. And it’s a great freaking feeling!

I am writing this today with a big emphasis on yoga, because I am back at Revolution Studio for another 30 days. They have a special going on right now if you sign up for 30 days of yoga during the month of November, it is only $40 versus their normal rate of $95! My goal is to practice yoga every day for 30 days straight, no if, ands or buts about it. After 30 days I will write a post on how, if at all, my body and mind has changed. I already have a few people who are trying this out with me, but if you are interested in taking the challenge too I would be more than happy to have you join me!