I am very conflicted with my experience with HOTWORX at Planet Beach. I haven’t been posting in awhile because I was so graciously given a free month at Planet Beach by a friend and I wanted to use my membership as much as possible.

I came across HOTWORK through a Facebook ad stating, “Come try a FREE HOTWORK workout.” I signed up for my first class, even asked a friend to join and when we showed up we were told that they class was free, but we had to pay $10 each to rent a HOTWORX mat and towel. We decided to go ahead and try the class and I was pretty happy with the actual workout, but I will get to that in a bit.

I want to start this blog by talking about the lack of communication and somewhat manipulation of the staff at Planet Beach. If you don’t want to hear my rant, skip this paragraph to read about the actual workout. First, it was the “FREE” class that actually costed $10, no biggie. Then we were told that they had a special going on for $99/mo. unlimited services including HOTWORX, all tanning services, the massage bed, facials and teeth whitening. We were shocked at the deal and asked numerous times, “So it’s only $99 for all of that?!” and told yes everytime. We both purchased the package and were on our way, excited about all the pampering we would get over the next month. I showed up for my first HOTWORX session as a member as was asked if I wanted to pay the $10 to rent the towel and mat or buy my own for $50…..WHAT? I thought it was covered in the $99. NOPE! And you can’t use your own mat and towel, even though I have 8 million mats at home because these are special mats and towels that are made for the temperature … I call bullshit, but on with my rant. So I said, “Fine. I will buy the mat and towel for $50 because I will come more than 5 times.” Long story short, 2 days later, I get a charge on my card for $100….because according to the girl who worked there, it was $50 for the mat and $50 for the towel even though my friend and I both heard on multiple occasions her say, “It’s $50 for the mat and towel.” NOT “$50 for the mat and $50 for the towel.” I mean what sane person would pay $100 for a freaking mat and towel … I already thought $50 was outrageous. Even longer story short, everything we did besides tanning and the massage bed was an extra fee. Want a facial, the service is free but you have to pay for the products. Same with teeth whitening. All bullshit if you ask me AND a fantastic way to lose a customer. BYEEE Planet Beach forever.

Ok onto the actual HOTWORX workout. HOTWORX is a little wooden room that you rent out for  1-3 people. There is a TV inside and you pick between like 7 different workouts like yoga, pilates, iso, warrior, etc. The room is basically an infrared sauna that is kept at 120-125 degrees. All of the videos were pretty similar. Basically you hold poses for about 1-2 minutes at a time and just SWEAT. Each video is 30 minutes long which is just enough to have you completely drenched by the time you walk out. The workouts were moderately difficult. I could do 90% of the poses without letting up but my right hand girl had a bit more trouble during the workouts. I enjoyed the workouts and felt re-energized whenever we were done, but I probably would never do HOTWORX again, esp if the customer service is as bad as it was here at other Planet Beach locations. (btw we went to the one on Buffalo Speedway)


Another note on HOTWORX. I have always had a bad pain in my shoulder, just a effed up muscle, but on days I did HOTWORX, the pain would melt away within being in the sauna for only 5-10 minutes. I need to find me a sauna to visit more often I suppose.

Anyways, I suggest HOTWORX if you like to sweat but want low impact. I don’t suggest it because it is expensive as hell for what it is. I would suggest just finding a real yoga or pilates studio to go to instead, unless you hate working out in front of people, then we are back at a pro for HOTWORX since you are by yourself in a room. All in all, there were more cons than pros with HOTWORX.


Learn more about HOTWORK at or find Planet Beach at Rice on Facebook at



The most interesting ‘workout’ I have ever done. I say ‘workout’ because I just can’t bring myself to really call it a workout or fitness, but I will call it a weight loss program. Now, where to begin…

I signed up for a free session, because let’s face it, it looks insane and I couldn’t resist! I walked in for my consultation and was greeted by Alicia. She had me fill out a short background/questionnaire before we got started. She explained to me that Hypoxi uses compression and suction to isolate blood flow to a specific area of your body when you do a light workout for maximum weightloss.

I told her I have always wanted tighter skin on my butt and thighs (I mean what girl doesn’t?) and that I just can’t get rid of that little pooch no matter how hard I try. She recommended me try the HDC session and along with a training session if I had time. The HDC session lasts 20 minutes and the training session lasts 30 so I said, “YES PLEASE! Sign me up!”

Here is what the HDC session looks like #doublechin


I am going to try to explain this to you the best I can. Here goes … Imagine yourself in a bag of unpopped popcorn. Then all of a sudden the kernels start popping, but the bag stays compressed. Then the popping stops and there is just a compression sensation. Then the kernels start again. Then they stop. And that continues for 20 minutes, on and off, all while you lay in dimly lit room and just relax. Yes, I said relax! It was like a mini massage for all of your muscles, just not as intense. What this session does is similar to cupping. The crazy scuba suit I was in had, what I would imagine was around 100 or so, little rubber suction cups that would suck then relax, suck and relax increasing blood flow and circulation, ultimately claiming to reduce cellulite and improve your skin’s appearance. I only did one session so I can’t back that claim but Hypoxi has been around for years and years and years so I won’t doubt it either.

Now onto the training session. They have a few varieties on training sessions, again, all focused on what area of your body you are trying to target. I went for the hips/thighs/butt and little bit of lower abs machine. Here is what it looked like:

I was again in an airtight chamber with bike pedals and I just pedaled at around 75-80 rpms for 30 mins. Nothing too hard, didn’t even break a sweat. The same concept applied as the last session where compressions was applied, then released, applied, then released and so on in the chamber. Here is the best part, you can just sit and use your phone, or watch TV, or read a book, whatever you feel like during these sessions. They are very low impact, a little too low impact for me! I like to sweat and really push myself to the max … this just wasn’t that. It was more like a mini spa but maybe not as relaxing.

Let’s talk pricing now. At first when Alicia showed me the packages I was like, “WOAH,” but, then she told me what all the membership included and my original shock subsided a bit. For 6 sessions, that must be used in 2 weeks, it was $270 or $380 unlimited for a month. Here’s the bonus. Included in membership, you get a nutritionist that will give you personalized meal plans for every single day. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. You also set goals when you first start and get all of your measurements taken. Once you reach your goal, they can bump you down to a maintenance package which Alicia said can be as low as $50 a month (I think).

I definitely suggest trying a consultation session if you are in the Houston Area. But I also suggest that if you do decide to sign up, to consider it as a supplementation to your workout regime, versus an all in program.

For more information on Hypoxi visit or find them on Facebook at

BTW the location on Kirby in the River Oaks Shopping area (right across from Revolution Studio) is the only one in Texas. Apparently, this type of weight loss program is very popular in Australia, but not many studios are located in the states.