Studio Fitness Heights – TRX Suspension Training

If you have gym-timidation like at all, this is NOT the place for you. But before I get into all of that, let’s talk traffic and parking. Both were AWFUL for me. I left my office at 5:15 PM which is right on 610 at Bellaire and I didn’t arrive until 6:05 PM. If it wasn’t rush hour it should have taken me about 20 minutes. When I finally got there, it was a bit dark and I had no clue where to park. It was mostly street parking and if you went over a block or two there were plenty of spots, but I am always so nervous about street parking in Houston. Anyways, I got to Studio Fitness and parked with about 10 minutes to spare….not that it really mattered though because I was the only one in my class.

I walked in and this is where the gym-timidation immediately kicked in. There were like 100 people doing 100 different training sessions and classes and just everything. It was ABSOLUTE chaos. I don’t even know what you get if you sign up to be a member of Studio Fitness. Some people were doing their own thing, some were in classes, some were personal training and some were just chilling on couches in the front. I was very confused. The gyms itself was pretty run down, but they had probably EVERY piece of gym equipment you could think of though. They had cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, punching bags, TRX bands, boxes for jumps, sleds, medicine balls, I mean really, you name it, they had it!

Studio Fitness Heights Interior
Stole this image of Studio Fitness Heights Interior from Google

So I walked in and was greeted by some very nice people and showed to where my class was going to be. I was the only one for the class that day, but typically it’s a small group training session, so no more than 8 people per class. My instructor was really nice. He was probably about 60-70 years old. I hope he never sees this though in case I am way off and he’s really like 40-50 … that would be AWKWARD!

I signed up for the TRX class which are the bands in the image below. This is just an image I googled because I was so overwhelmed with everything going on that I forgot to take pictures. The class was broken down to 3 sets: legs, abs and arms. Legs was just a bunch of lunges and squats. Didn’t really feel like it was a great leg workout, but the abs and arm moves were really difficult. Basically every exercise is an ab workout though since you have to stabilize yourself on the bands the entire time. I definitely think my arms will be sore tomorrow.

Image result for trx training
This is just a stock image of TRX Suspension training that I also stole from Google …

Ultimate question is, would I sign up for it again? And I would have to say no. If you want to visit Studio Fitness, I would sign up for another class, unless you are a beginner, then this class will be a great starting point with your fitness.

For more information on Studio Fitness Heights visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @studiofitnessheights


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