CYCLEBAR Sawyer Heights Intro Class

This isn’t so much a workout review as just a what to expect post. Here’s what I mean…

Let me start by giving a little shout out to my favorite brewery, Holler Brewing Co. – @hollerbeer. My husband and I both agree that Holler has the best tasting beer in Houston that we have tried so far… and we have tried a lot! The reason I am ‘hollerin’ at Holler’ is because we were leaving the brewery one day and right next door noticed they were building out a new cycle place called CYCLEBAR, so I added it to my list and once they opened I signed up for a 30-minute intro class with a few friends.

I was somewhat disappointed and yet somewhat pleased with the intro class. I was really looking forward to a good ride, but that’s not at all what this was. There were about 6 of us total that signed up for the class, and they told us they only allow about 20 to sign up for these intro classes. We were all assigned a bike and given a branded water bottle with our name on it as a little present. We were also given some shoes to use during our ride. We spent the first 10 minutes or so outside of the bike room with the instructor, @loganhtx21, going over CYCLEBAR in general, so I little history about it, a bit about the instructors, how it works and what they offer, etc… then we went into the room with the bikes. The next 10 minutes or so were spent teaching us how to adjust our bikes to fit each of us and how to clip in and out and what all the numbers and screens mean. This is the part that pleased me! I have been to quite a few cycling classes and usually the people just kind of set up the bike for you and then you ride, but I like how they take the time to teach you how to set it up so if you come back for a real ride, you are good to go.

Once everyone had their bike set up and were clipped in, we rode… but only for 2 songs which made me sad because my expectation was that the 30-minute intro session would be a 30-minute ride… and it wasn’t. Anyways, Logan was a great instructor and seemed like his class would be really fun. All of the staff was actually really friendly and helpful and the facility was really nice. The bike room was pretty dark with all different light settings for all types of moods (most similar to Revolution Studio), oh but the room was COLD… just so you know… Logan mentioned that they have tons of theme rides and even had a request for a Disney Theme ride that they were working on… sooo count me in for that one!

One thing they did differently than any cycling place I have to yet, is that they had screens on each bike to track your RPM and your resistance, which most places don’t have. Most studios you just have to “feel” your resistance which means I never know if I am where I should be. Since it is all digital, they keep track of your rides and email you your results after every class. They also have a screen up front where they display everyone’s stats during class so you can “compete” with everyone around you (you can opt out being shown on the big board though if you don’t like people seeing your stats and you will still receive your summary email).

So my review is just on the intro class for now, but I am really looking forward to trying a full class sometime soon. Their prices are pretty high sooooo knowing my cheap ass, I will wait for a community ride or until they run some sort of special.


For more information on CYCLEBAR Sawyer Heights visit or follow them on Facebook at

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