Mekanix Round 2 & JuiceWell

Back in August, I wrote a review for Mekanix Calisthenics Gym. The session was HARD and the people were super friendly and supportive, so when I saw a little special on Facebook for a session and smoothie for $10, I thought, what they hey, let’s try it out again. I was really interested in seeing how my body handled the workout this time vs. last since I have been working out soooo much more lately.

I show up and again, it was kind of strange. There is no check in area or front desk person, it’s just kind of walk up and wait until class starts. I did get to finally meet the owner, Justin, who I had been chatting a bit with back before my first class. He would be taking the class with us this time. I had the same trainer, @gregorygains, which was cool so my class would be pretty similar to the first time which would make it easier to compare.

Class started with the same stretches and chest openers to get us prepared… although I was not prepared at all for what was to come. Class was very similar to the first time I went. Lots of crawling on the floor and squatting and jumping and my quads were feeling it within the first few minutes. It’s funny because as we were doing some jumps, I was thinking in my head that I was doing so well and jumping so high and when I asked Greg to take a video of the class doing an exercise and rewatched it, I was barely even getting up off the ground!!! I will say though, I did leaps and bounds better this time vs. when I visited in August. I could tell my flexibility has increased tremendously from yoga which is really important in most of these moves and my overall stamina was stronger. I was definitely tired after the workout, but I wasn’t like dying… I even went to another cycle class a few hours later.

So the workout itself was really tough yet amazing. I felt it for days after. They people are all really encouraging and supportive of each other. There were about 10 of us and everyone was high fiving or doing little shout outs to motivate someone to finish their last rep. I love love love that type of environment! After class was smoothie time. Wen, the owner of JuiceWell, was there to hand out really fresh and DELICIOUS smoothies. He had vegan and non-vegan as well as a few different flavors. I got a beet based smoothie and fun fact, I like beets. I had not idea! I later visited Wen’s juice and smoothie shop called Sustain Juicery because I literally pass it everyday on my way to and from work. I stopped in one day around 12:30 and it was PACKED and for good reason. This time I got a Green Monkey smoothie and it was just as good as the first one, if not better. I will definately be back to try some of the juices or acai bowls. Just a little side note – there is a menu on the wall at Sustain with a few different juices, smoothies and bowls but you can customize or create anything your little heart desires and all of their ingredients are FRESH fruits and veggies, not juices or syrups.



For more information on Mekanix Calisthenics Gym visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @mekanixhouston


For more information on JuiceWell visit or follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at @juicewellhouston

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