Warren-T Fitness

I have the best friends! The more I share my workout journey with friends, the more and more opportunities open up to me. Rachel, pictured in the Pure Barre photo with me, invited me to her apartment complex for a HIIT class recently. At first I was a little skeptical. Could an apartment complex class really be that good? I mean really?! Answer …. HELL FREAKING YES IT CAN!

Lately, I have noticed my body really starting to change thanks to the blog and constantly challenging my body with different workouts. My muscles are getting stronger and more defined and mentally I am able to push myself harder and longer than before. I thought this silly little apartment workout would be N.B.D. and then guess who showed up … my humility, that’s who!

I’m going to just walk you through the workout. First of all it was outside in front of the complex and there were about 20 people participating. Weather was sooooo nice that evening might I add! Terrance Warren, owner and personal trainer with Warren-T Fitness gives these HIIT workouts on Tuesday and Thursday evening for the apartment complex, but also does personal training as well as other classes. Just check out his site HERE. We started off with a warm up of high knees while holding a weight straight up in the air, then butt kicks with the weight then squat jumps…3 rounds, 45 seconds each…I was basically already in pain at the point. Terrance is a ‘tough’ trainer. He kept saying if anyone dropped the weight or put their arms down or stopped moving, he would make the entire class run laps. I say he was ‘tough’ because although he kept ‘threatening’ us, I don’t think he would have actually punished anyone if they couldn’t keep up. It was more his style of motivation so if you don’t like someone yelling at you and pushing you, he’s not your guy.

After the warm-up, we did 2 different circuits and I can only remember some of the exercises … sooooo sorry ….

Circuit 1: 15 single leg deadlifts (each side), 25 tricep kickbacks (each side) in plank position and something else … repeat 3x

Circuit 2: 15-20 single leg side raises with squats (each side), 25 dumbbell rows (each side) in plank position and something else … repeat 3x

Then we did some other squats/holds and jumps and abs to finish of the 45-60 minute workout.

To those of you reading this, you may not think it sounds like much, but I workout 5-7 days a week and although I kind of live in a state of constant soreness, the following 2 days were soooooo extremely painful, but it hurt sooo good!

I guess you have to know someone on the inside to experience this workout for yourself, but you can always contact Warrent-T Fitness for your own personal training session or to set up a group workout for yourself.


For more info on Warren-T Fitness, visit http://www.warrentfitness.com/home.html or like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WarrenTFitness/ or follow them on Instagram at @warrentfitness


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