HIP Fitness

Another mini rant coming your way so brace yourself. So I pass by HIP Fitness pretty regularly and have been wanting to try it. Unfortunately they don’t do a free intro class, but for first timers it’s only 15 bucks so I figured what the hey right?! Wrong! I sign up, arrive a few minutes early and the girl goes, “You need grippy socks, here are some you can buy, the cheapest ones are $16.50.” $16.50 for a pair of SOCKS?!? Am I that cheap or is that just as outrageous as I think it is! Anyways, I had already paid $15 for the class so I didn’t want to just walk out, so I forked up another $17-something for the damn socks and joined the class. I know my rants make me sound cheap, but really it’s not the money I am ranting about, it is the lack of communication on what to expect when you sign up for something. 

BTW … here are the socks I am talking about. You can get 12 pair for only $24 on Amazon!!!!!! So basically they cost 2 bucks each …


Okay … on the the workout. HIP Fitness stands for High Intensity Pilates. They use the reformers as shown in the picture below.

Randi (not sure if I spelt that right) was the instructor and before class started she gave me a quick tutorial of how to use the machine and what to expect. I jumped on the machine and off we went. There were only about 10 reformers, so the class size was small. Majority of the people there were women, but there was a guy in my class and one came in for the class after mine.

The workout was definitely INTENSE, but in an odd way. I made it through the entire workout without sweating, but my muscles were on fire and I had to constantly take breaks. The exercises were really small movements that just targeted the shit out of my hammys, shoulders and abs mainly. The reformer is basically used to add resistance to each and every move you do. I felt like a baby gazelle trying to stand for the first time when I first got on … actually, I felt like a baby gazelle the entire time. It was quite awkward and shaky but it was the first time I had ever used the reformer so I assume if I continued to use it I would grow out of baby gazelle phase.

HIP Fitness.png

HIP Fitness has 2 locations, one off of Holcombe and Greenbriar (which is the one I went to) and one in River Oaks. Parking and traffic was easy for me to get to at the West U Location. The actual studio is just one big room. You walk in and there are just rows of reformers and a little front desk and a small retail sections with some really cute but EXPENSIVE workout clothing … there I go again being cheap. They had these navy leggings with little pink Texas all over them that were so cute but were $120. I feel like I should do a blog about inexpensive workout gear because I am the queen of finding those deals!

Anyways, this blog has gone on long enough. I do recommend trying HIP Fitness, but make sure to bring some grippy socks when you go. Prices are all listed online so check them out and see what you think. The workout was intense, but I think you would need to incorporate a healthy dose of cardio into your routine as well because there was zero cardio involved. I’ll leave you with this, I only tried one class, but I have a friend in Baton Rouge who said she has been using the reformer for about a year now and LOVES it.

Learn more about HIP Fitness at http://www.hipfitnesstx.com/

or like them on Facebook at West U: https://www.facebook.com/hipfitnesstx/ or River Oaks: https://www.facebook.com/hipfitnessriveroaks/

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