I mentioned before that I had been wanting to find a good kickboxing gym because 9 Round was such a disappointment when it came to kicking and punching, so this weekend I visited iLoveKickboxing Memorial and TITLE on Westheimer. I will talk about iLoveKickboxing today and then compare it to TITLE on Thursday.

I saw a Facebook ad for iLoveKickboxing that advertised an introductory special of 3 classes plus gloves plus some reading material for 10 bucks, so I thought what the heck, let’s give it a try. I signed up for the introductory offer and within 24 hours I had a missed call and voicemail from the most energetic person I have ever heard on my phone congratulating me on signing up for the classes and wanting to know when I could come in for my first class.

I called them back and got a class scheduled for a Saturday morning at 9 because after looking at their schedule and their location and the atrocious traffic we have seen since the storm, I figured I would be safe and schedule for a time where there would be the least traffic and I didn’t have any other obligations before or after. They asked me to be there a half hour early so that they could give me a tour around and find out a bit about me, etc. etc.

I showed up at 8:30 and was greeted by Jasmine and Daniel. Jasmine led the class and Daniel stood by my side and helped me with my form and combos since it was my first class, which I loved! I have taken many kickboxing classes back in Baton Rouge at the UFC Gym, so I knew the basics, but it was great to have him there to polish up my technique. Before the class though, Jasmine showed me around, gave me my gloves and then we sat together and just chatted about everything from my job to my fitness goals to just life in general. People started showing up around 10 til and then it was time to hit the mat.

The class is an hour long. The first 15 minutes are the roughest part most would say. It is spent doing cardio and drills such as pushups and squats and burpees and such. The next 30 minutes or so were the fun part. It was time to put the gloves on and start attacking the bag. The bags were strange. I am used to hanging punching bags but these were weighted to the ground. The only real difference is that the ones that hang swing around when you kick and punch them, these just stayed in place. When it was time to do bag work, Jasmine was calling out combos and would walk around and help people with technique. Since I was new, Daniel had me start out with just 1-2 punches or jab-cross punches, very basic. After about a round or two, we decided I knew enough to just join in with the rest of the class instead of continuing to do the first time newbie version. The combinations were … okay. Nothing too difficult to follow which to me means nothing a bit stale, but I still enjoyed it and spent a lot of time trying to work on my form.

After bag work it was time to work with a partner and then stretch it out. We did a little but of partner combo work and then some like partner pushups and stuff like that. Lastly we stretched. After almost every workout or combination, there were always people woohooing and high fiving and you could tell there was a really good sense of community and encouragement there. One person had a heart monitor on and wanted to hit 500 calories during the workout but wasn’t quite there after stretching so a few of the other classmates stayed after and ran a few extra laps around the bags and cheered her on as she punched out the last few calories to hit that goal of 500. It was really cool to experience. (See Boomerang below)

After class, Jasmine sat back down with me to see how I liked it and then to run down the pricing. They will tell you when they call to confirm your class time, to make sure to bring a form of payment because they like to give a deep discount if you sign up on the spot. To sign up, there is a 198 intro fee and then a monthly fee depending on how you want to pay, around 80 bucks a month … I think. I was pretty worn out after so I kind of forgot. Anyways they offered 100 off plus a reimbursement for the classes you paid for, so either  110 or 120 (some of the specials are 20 for 3 classes) off the one time fee if you signed up that day.

Overall, I liked the experience. The staff was so energetic and helpful and happy. The facility was clean and easy to find. The class was intense, but not so intense that I felt like I was about to pass out or something. I mean I was able to do all of the moves and combos without stopping soooo, yeah! And I a excited to go back for my next 2 classes.

I am also very excited to share with you the comparison of iLoveKickboxing and TITLE later this week because they were pretty different!


If you want to check out iLoveKickboxing Memorial for yourself visit or follow their Facebook page at to sign up for your first few classes!


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