The Hurricane Workout

So, what if you can’t make it to the gym? Let’s just say there is a hurricane that has turned your apartment building into an island and the office has shut down the apartment gym and locked the doors so you can’t get all of this pent up energy out from sitting inside watching the rain all day. This ever happen to you? Well, it is happening to me right now and I am bored out of my mind and have sooooo much energy that I need to get out. I can only sit and watch the weather channel for so long.

Here are some tips to stay active when you literally can’t go anywhere:

  1. Stream online videos. Yesterday I revisited my good ole friends at Beachbody on demand and did a 21 Day Fix workout in my apartment. Easy peasy. Now, I subscribe to Beachbody on demand, but there are literally thousands of free workouts you can find online. Just Google or YouTube they type of workout you are looking to do and voila!
  2. Maybe you don’t have power or internet, or maybe you are just sick of the inside of you apartment. I get it. I am at that point. If you live in an apartment building with a parking garage or stairs, get out and get walking. Today I just had to get the F*** out of my apartment, so I walked up and down our 4 story parking garage for 30 minutes then came back and did a few minutes of arm weights with the few weights I have at home.
  3. Maybe you don’t live in an apartment or don’t have access to a parking garage. How about knocking out some of those household chores you have been putting off? I know, I know, sounds like a freaking blast right?! Maybe not, but doing chores still gets you moving and burning calories all while doing something productive. Just think of how good you will feel and how good your house will look after a day of deep cleaning.
  4. So maybe none of those sound appealing to you, but all of them will keep you moving and active and hopefully kill some of the boredom. Tip #4 is to just be creative. Don’t have weights but want to strength train? Use books or water bottles. Don’t have stairs to walk up and down? Stack books or use a bench or chair and do stair steps up and down. Want to get in some cardio? Jumping jacks and high knees are always a good option. There are also so many exercises you can do with zero equipment too! Use your creativity and just get moving.
  5. My last tip is to volunteer. In the case of a hurricane or any other natural disaster, volunteering is always a good way to not only move a bit, but also make a positive impact. If you can safely leave your apartment or house and get to a shelter to volunteer or donate items or run to the store to pick up some groceries to drop off, do it, but only if you can do it safely! This tip is not so much about physical health but more about mental health. Do something for someone in need without any expectation of anything in return other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you see just how generous and kind the human race is.

You may be thinking, “Nooooo. I just want to lay on the couch all day with my puppy and a glass of wine until I can get back into my routine.” But it is so important to stay active during times like these. Why? First, when you do finally get back to working out, it will be that much harder to get back in the groove. Once you start making excuses not to workout, it becomes a new routine and is hard to break. Secondly, at least for me, if I a stuck inside for a long period of time and am bored out of my mind, I am WAYYY more likely to EAT, and typically it’s not the healthiest diet. Keep in mind, though, that diet is key to health. If your power is out and you can’t cook and your fridge full of yummy fruits and veggies has gone to waste, it is very hard to stay healthy. Make sure to always have some good protein bars on hand (low in sugars and carbs of course – I like Think Thin) as well as some nuts and seeds or apples and oranges. Healthy foods that don’t need to be refrigerated are always good to have in your pantry.

Obviously, #1 priority is to stay safe and smart about the situation! But if you are safe and dry and bored out of your ever living mind, then continue to get your workout in, eat as healthy as possible and then pour yourself a glass of wine and let mother nature take its course.


Original post written on Sunday, August 27th

Updated August 29th #SeriouslyHarvey #YouCanLeaveNow

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