9 Round

One of my favorite workouts of all time is kickboxing. I use to take classes at the UFC Gym in Baton Rouge so when I heard about 9 Round I got super excited to punch and kick some things! Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let down to me, sort of. Before I dive right into this post, I want to mention that I did visit the Westheimer Road location as well as the one in the Heights, so I will write about them separately because one of them was eh and the other was AWESOME.

First up, the Westheimer Road location:

6:30 AM – If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know mornings are not my thing, but it is a busy week and I wanted to get this class in. So I don’t do much research on gyms before I go. I just kind of let it surprise me and unfortunately, this wasn’t a pleasant surprise. I really thought I was going to be taking part in a kickboxing class, and this was not that.

The workout is, as they say, 9 rounds. Each round is 2 ½ minutes with a 30 second active recovery between rounds. The entire workout lasts 30 minutes. The exercises change each day except for one round which they keep the same as a challenge round. I didn’t really understand how, but I think it was whoever did that round the most in a week got a gift card to smoothie king (or something like that). So here was my workout:

2 ½ minutes of squat to military press with dumbbells; 30 seconds of burpees

2 ½ minutes of kettlebell squats with single arm raise; 30 seconds of hi-low plank

2 ½ minutes of 20 jab/crosses on the double end bag then 20 criss cross feet (repeat); 30 seconds of I don’t remember

2 ½ minutes of 20 hooks, 2 left kicks, 2 right kicks (repeat); 30 seconds of I don’t remember

2 ½ minutes of 20 jab/crosses on the bag, 5 rear kicks left, 5 rear kicks right (repeat); 30 seconds of I don’t remember

2 ½ minutes of ropes; 30 seconds of surrenders

2 ½ minutes of speed bag; 30 seconds of I don’t remember

2 ½ minutes of why can’t i remember; 30 seconds of I still don’t know

2 ½ minutes of reverse leg lifts and side to side toe touches; 30 seconds of mountain climbers and plank jacks

Sorry…apparently I have no memory, but you get the point!

Crystal was my trainer, and I believe the owner of this location. She was super nice but I didn’t feel pushed. At the end of the workout I felt like I should go home and run or do another workout again.


Now onto the Heights location:

OMG what a difference. When I walked in I was greeted very energetically and enthusiastically by all of the trainers. There was jumping and fist bumping and high fiving. The energy was flying. I mentioned to Bella that I was writing a fitness blog and had been to the Westheimer location the day before and she said right off the bat that she was ready to kick my ass which is music to my ears when it comes to a workout.

The workout style was the same as far as the rounds go, but the actual workouts were more intense and much more kicking and punching! The other really great thing about all the trainers at the Heights location was that they were very focused on helping you with your form and took the time to explain how to use proper technique. I have never been able to do the speed bag but Bella was literally holding my hand, showing me how to do it until I could do it on my own. It was fantastic.All of the trainers were very motivational and encouraging so the environment was just that much better. I also sweat more and definitely got a better workout at the Heights location. Oh but there were 2 negatives…the music was overly loud and parking sucked. I felt like I needed ear plugs and was constantly asking the trainers to repeat themselves and had to parallel around the corner and I don’t do parallel park :/ That’s all though!

9 Round Heights
I love sharing new experiences with friends. They are great at giving me an extra kick in the butt during too. #weareunstoppable 🙂

Ultimately 9 Round is great for the person who only has 30 minutes to workout and can’t make scheduled classes. After your first few times, you just walk in and go through the rounds on your own. You don’t have to schedule a time to come in, you just show up. All of the rounds are written on chalkboards or whiteboards so you know what to do at each round and in between rounds, the trainers just yell out random active recoveries for everyone to do.

I only got the pricing for the Westheimer location and since they are separately owned, the pricing is different for each location. They did both however offer a free week trial which you should take advantage of if you are interested in checking them out. The Westheimer location was only $75-89 depending on your payment plan (for example 75 is if you sign up for a year, 89 is month to month and there is a level or 2 in between). I actually find that pretty low for what they offer. It includes unlimited classes with a trainer present, that focuses on full body, cardio and strength training in every workout. Again, they have a free week, so why not give them a try?!


Visit www.9round.com to find a location near you, but if you want high energy and intensity, try out the Heights!

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