The Perfect Workout

Slow and steady wins the race. That should be the motto of The Perfect Workout.

I was referred to The Perfect Workout by a friend who offered me a free introductory session. I literally had ZERO idea what I was walking into. I was pretty frustrated when I arrived though because I had trouble finding the parking garage and the location was quite odd. The one I went to was located in the Chase building on the corner of Weslayan and Alabama. Strange, right?!

I finally parked and made my way up to Suite 480. When I walked in I was greeted by name by my trainer, Tony. Apparently if you want a trainer that will push you, he’s your guy.

We started the session going over some materials where he explained to me what The Perfect Workout was and how it came about. We also spent a few minutes talking about my background and health, you know, the normal stuff. Below is the material we went over and extras I got to take home. I actually read/skimmed through the ASAP Abs book and it was pretty informative.

The Perfect Workout.jpg

The Perfect Workout is a one-on-one training program where you focus on super slow sets of strength training exercises. “This special exercise method involves performing the lifting phase of each weightlifting repetition in approximately 10 seconds, and performing the lowering phase of each repetition in approximately 10 seconds. Once a person learns how to perform the movements effectively, enough resistance is used so that deep muscular fatigue is achieved within 1 to 2 minutes on each exercise.” For example, if you were doing a chest press on a machine, you would take 10-15 seconds to push out and 10-15 seconds to return back to starting position with the goal of muscle failure.

The workouts are only 20 minutes total, focusing on 3-5 lower body exercises, 5-7 upper body exercises and no more than 9 exercises total. Their saying is, “20 minutes. Twice a week. Guaranteed Results.” If you are someone who uses the excuse, “But I don’t have the time to workout,” then this is perfect for you. Most people come in in their normal everyday clothes on their lunch break or after work and don’t even sweat so you don’t have to account for that extra hour it takes to shower and get ready after.

Tony took me through the workout, and I have to say, It was much harder than it sounds. I did reach muscle failure on a few muscle groups and DEFINITELY felt the burn. The next day I was quite sore, which makes me happy! I know, I am weird. Anyways, Tony was a fantastic trainer. He was really good at pushing me to keep going when I was sure I couldn’t complete another rep. One thing he mentioned to me was that they were really flexible with your hours. You can make appointments, but if you happen to be running late or have to reschedule, they can easily accommodate that since it is a one-on-one training. You are not assigned a specific trainer when you sign up, but if there is one person that you prefer to work with, you can schedule your workouts to be with that one person.

Let’s talk prices now. I personally think it is a little outrageous, but hey, maybe I am just a cheapo. If you sign up for the 2x a week package, it is anywhere from $395-465/month depending on your payment plan, and if you choose the 1x a week package, it is anywhere from $235-275/month depending on your payment plan. If you decide you just want a single session, then it is $75. I did, however, get a free session to pass along to anyone wanting to try out The Perfect Workout, so if you are reading this and think it sounds like something you want to try out, comment below or send me a message on the contact page!

For more info on The Perfect Workout visit or find them on Facebook at


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