Revolution Studio – Ride

Are you looking for an insanely fun dance party on a bike?! That is exactly what you will get with Kristina at Revolution Studio with her 45 min. ‘Ride.’ I have never cycled before, and honestly didn’t really think I would like it. I have never been a great outdoor biker (it kind of scares me) and I just thought biking on a stationary bike for 45 min. would be boring, and boy, was I misled. This class was high intensity and energetic from start to finish. What I was most surprised about though, was how much of an arm workout I got, but I will get to that in a minute.

So at Revolution Studio you have to make reservations for both the cycling and yoga classes. (Side note: If you make a reservation and cancel within 6 hours of the class you get charged $10. If you don’t show up you get charged $15. All of this is disclosed on their website. Also, just FYI, they have bike shoe rentals for $2 a class and yoga mat rentals from $5.) So I made my reservation about an hour before class, which was fine, but it was pretty full already. Something like 45/51 bikes were filled for the class. I picked my bike and showed up about 15 minutes early to get my shoes and find my bike.


I was greeted by an energetic and bubbly instructor who helped me set up my bike and get clipped in. The atmosphere was dark with what I am assuming was black lights, or something similar, just like a club would be. I am not lying about it being like a dance party on a bike. We started slow and Kristina explained the basics to us newbies, then we kicked it the f*** up. I didn’t realize how many moves you could do on a bike. We went from standing to sitting to paced riding to sprinting from side to side and front and back in various combinations and sequences, it was a whirlwind, and it was fantastic. We even incorporated arm weights into the mix which was surprising to me. I stuck with the 1 lb. weights because I wasn’t sure what we were going to be doing with them, but I am not sure I could have used higher weights to be honest … I mean I have noodle arms … there is very little strength in them … and the 1 lb. weights were hard!

So I already mentioned the atmosphere a bit, but it really was just fun. The music was like 90s/00s hip hop and pretty loud (and they do offer ear plugs). Kristina was motivating and energetic. The lights changed colors and people were hooting and hollering as we kicked up the intensity, it was just fun. There is no other word to really use to describe it.

I say it was very intense though because I really like to push myself, so I did my best to hike up the intensity and resistance and keep up with the more seasoned riders, but you could easily keep the resistance down and stay seated if it gets to be too much for you.

Today was day 1 of the 2 weeks of unlimited classes so I also did the Yoga (Power Flow) class with Angie immediately after cycling. Today the music was working in the Yoga room and really helped to focus and drown out any other noise from the studio or outside traffic. Angie was great! Again, I felt like I had just left the spa after I finished class.

We did our Flow sequence and I was completely drenched, but then we ended in our corpse pose where Angie came around and placed that refreshingly cool towel on our foreheads. It is basically like the best part of yoga class :/ It is a nice little touch that I look forward to with every session.

Like I said today was day 1 of 14 so I will keep track of the next 14 days and create a summary of my experience when I finish up my trial period. I did already book another Ride and Power Flow class for tomorrow and I can’t wait to get back in there.

For more information, pricing and locations, check out or check them out on Facebook at (I go to the River Oaks location. There is also a location in Memorial City and Sugar Land.)

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