Revolution Studio – Yoga

I am going to say this again. I am not a morning workout person. I’ve always wanted to be, but I just have no energy in the morning. Anyways, my schedule has been very VERY busy lately and I have been wanting to try Revolution Studio because someone recommended it to me, so I bit the bullet and signed up for a 5:30 AM class on Thursday. My choices were yoga or cycling … so obviously I chose yoga and boy did it change my perspective on morning workouts!

After my class with Frances, I felt so awake and focused and ready to tackle the day. The class I took was very small, only 3 people total, probably because no one is silly enough to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to workout. However, small classes are my favorite, as I have mentioned before.

Now, I’ve never really been a yoga person before. The extent of my yoga is one yoga class at the YMCA about a year ago and a couple of Beachbody video here and there, but I always really enjoy it when I do it. Frances was a fabulous instructor. She walked around and made sure everyone was in the best pose they could be in and really helped me realize how absolutely awful my posture is. I’ll work on that.

The room was so serene, too. The lights were low and candles were lit. It was warm but not enough to make it uncomfortable. Frances couldn’t get the music to work for class which had it’s pros and cons. Pros were that it made us focus more on our breathing and really helped us be in the moment. Cons were that the cycling class in the next room was so loud and upbeat that you could hear the music through the wall. I am not sure if our music would have drown that out, but It was definitely a distraction. There was also what I think was like a truck that passed below a few times and kept startling me, but I guess there is nothing to really do about that.

The class I took was called “Power Flow.” We went through our vinyasas and sequences for about 45 minutes and ended in Corpse Pose, or Shavasana where Frances came around and put a nice cool towel on our forehead as we let our muscles sink into the ground. I honestly felt like I woke up and went to the spa for 45 minutes before heading home to start my busy day.

Revolution Studio has a 2-week pass for first time clients for $35 where you can take as many cycling and yoga classes as your little heart desires. I was warned though to not sign up until the day of your first workout because the day you sign up is the day it starts, not the first time you go workout. After your 2-weeks is up it gets quite a bit more expensive. You can find all of their prices here

I went to the River Oaks location and I can’t really speak on traffic or parking because there was practically no one on the roads yet. The River Oaks location does have a parking garage but I am not sure how fast it fills up because there are tons of other shopping and restaurants sharing the garage. The studio itself was very nice. Free locker usage and after you take a yoga class you can just leave your mat and they will clean it up and store it for you until next class. I don’t know much about the cycling aspect yet but I will hit on that when I sign up for the 2-week trial, so be looking out for more info on Revolution Studio towards the middle of July.

For more info or to sign up for a class, visit


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