F45 Training – Romans

Completely different experience at F45 today. I went to the 4:30 PM class and was warmly greeted by Jodi, our instructor for the day. Jodi was just a substitute at this location because the regular trainers were both on vacation, but she was fantastic! I can’t remember which location she works for by I highly recommending trying her class if it is near you.

Anyways, I was greeted by Jodi when I walked in and I was first to the class so we chatted a little be about F45 Training and how Houston is late to the game in having a franchise start up here. F45 was started in Australia and is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. If you look at the app there are only 3 types of classes to sign up for: Athletica, Romans and Hollywood. I thought that was all there was, but Jodi told me that once the gym is over its introductory period they will start adding in some of the other classes like Flamingo, Trailblazer, Gravity, Pipeline and many more.

So my first class on Monday was pretty packed. Almost every spot was filled for the Athletica class at 5:30 PM. The class today had 4 people in it so it was very small, but I always prefer that because you get more attention and instruction on technique. The Romans class is all about strength training and weights. There is basically no cardio involved but you will still get your heart racing. The structure of this class was a smidge different than the first one I took. This one was 3 pods with 3 exercises in each one and you did each exercise 4 times just like Athletica, the only difference is that you do each exercise 2x before moving on to the next one and cycle through the pod 2x instead of 4. The timing is also a bit different as I will layout below.

Here was our workout:

Warm up

35 sec. Lung with Barbell Military Press, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. Squat with Barbell, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. Stability Ball Bench Press, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

Repeat whole set 2x then 1 minute water break

35 sec. One Arm Shoulder Press, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. TRX Band Locomotive…Thingy…, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. Push-ups with Resistance Band (f***ing sucked), 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

Repeat whole set 2x then 1 minute water break

35 sec. Lunge with Kettlebells, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. Shoulder Press (out and up), 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

35 sec. Weighted Sled Pulls, 25 sec. Break (Repeat 2x)

Repeat whole set 2x then DONE

What I loved about Jodi is that she really pushed you to pick up that weight that you thought was just a little too heavy and just go for it. I was really encouraged to get one more rep in, pick up that heavier weight and just push harder through the entire workout. There is also a great sense of comradery at F45 Training. At the end of every workout, everyone is giving high fives to strangers and we are all working together to encourage each other to push just a little harder that we think we can. It’s a great environment to workout in.

If you are wondering what a facility like this may look like you may be surprised. Below is a photo of the the front of the building, and yes it really is that small. It is basically one room, with all the equipment set out with just enough room to do the exercise and not much else. The inside is very clean and light and they have all the equipment you could ever want or need.

F45 Training Facility

I still have no idea what the pricing model is and have yet to be asked about joining or signing up, but I will be going back next week to try out some more workouts as part of my 2 week free trial.

To find out more about F45 Training visit https://f45training.com/about-us/

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