F45 Training – Athletica

While scrolling through my Facebook, something very irresistible came across my feed. “Two FREE weeks of training at F45 Trainings new location.” Ummm … Yes, please! Did I have any idea what F45 Training was? NO! But I will never turn down a free workout. F45 was opening a new location just minutes away from my apartment (score). I signed up for the free two weeks, downloaded the app and signed up for a few classes. (They do require you to book your classes on the app because there is a limit of 27 per session)

Location is fantastic for me and the times are pretty good too. They have classes at 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 8:30AM, 4:30PM and 5:30PM. I have to leave work early to get to the 5:30PM one though so I wish they had just one more evening class at 6:30PM. It is right off of Kirby with a big parking lot across the street.

When I first walked in I wasn’t greeted or told what to do. The instructor was talking to another group, and never acknowledged me. I didn’t know where or how to sign in until a group of girls came in a few minutes later and signed in on the ipad. I followed their suit. A few minutes after that, he finally came up to ask if I had signed in.

Right before the workout started, the instructor gives a brief rundown on what to expect then demonstrated each exercise. Seconds later it was time to start the warm-up. They have screens in the front with videos of someone showing you the moves while a timer is counting down.

I just finished my first class with Aaron. They have three different styles of classes. Today’s was Athletica which they describe as a 45 minute cardio session where you can burn up to 820 calories! There are 9 stations total that you rotate through doing intervals of 40 seconds on with a 20 second break while you switch stations. It is very high energy, but not as intense as some of my previous workouts. Nothing was undoable.

Here was our workout:

40 sec. Jump Ropes – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Burpee with the Bosu Balance Trainer – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Stationary Bike – 20 sec. Transition/Break

Repeat 4x then 1 minute water break

40 sec. Sprint Suicides – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Squat Jumps with TRX Bands – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Rowing Machine – 20 sec. Transition/Break

Repeat 4x then 1 minute water break

40 sec. Medicine Ball Twist with a Feet Shuffle – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Box Jumps – 20 sec. Transition/Break

40 sec. Kettle Bell Swings – 20 sec. Transition/Break


My initial thought is that it reminds me of Orangetheory Fitness meets CrossFit (not that I have tried CrossFit yet, but just what I think it would be like). Thursday I am trying the Romans class which is described as “resistance meet functional movement patterns in full body burn.” So less cardio, more weights and resistance. Wish me luck!

Also, no idea on pricing or membership yet. Wasn’t even approached about it actually.

To find out more about F45 Training visit https://f45training.com/about-us/

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