Orangetheory Fitness

Who hasn’t heard about Orangetheory Fitness? I see it everywhere, driving down the street, on Facebook, hear about it on the radio, etc. etc. etc. So of course I had to try it.

For starts, I signed up for the free class online but they were basically all booked for the next week. Luckily, within a few hours of signing up for the free trial class, I got a call to help me schedule a class. Even though the class was “full” I was added to a Sunday morning class. I was told to be there 30 minutes before the class stated so they could introduce me to the Orangetheory way and get me fitted with a heart rate monitor.

The Orangetheory way is based on pushing yourself into certain heart rate zones to burn the most calories. I was told in a typical 1-hr long workout, women burn around 500-800 calories and men 700-1000 (totally not fair btw) and if you stay in a certain zone long enough you will continue to burn an additional 300-500 calories that they call afterburn (which I did according to my splat points)! Side note: If you join, you do have to get your own heart rate monitor, but for the first class they lend you one.

In the half hour before the workout I was asked a lot about my existing routines and previous workouts as well as if I would be interested in hearing about the packages and pricing. I was asked not to disclose prices but they had a package to fit basically anyone looking for 1 class a month to 1 class a day. The prices were on the more expensive end if you ask me but if you were to sign up and attend regularly, you would definitely see results.

Let’s talk workout now! If you don’t like the treadmill (and I don’t) then you won’t like Orangetheory Fitness. The class was split into two groups. The first group did cardio the first half and the second strength training, then halfway through we switched.

Strength included using the rowing machine, free weights and ab rollers. Cardio included treadmill, treadmill and treadmill at different speeds and inclines. I was told that the workouts are never the same, even if you go every single day, you will never see the same workout twice. I was disappointed in the weight selection. They only had 8, 10, 12 and 20, which I thought was a strange range.

Now I said I don’t like the treadmill (and again I don’t) but the workout itself was intense and high energy. I was completely drenched in sweat by the end (see proof below). The instructor (Andrew was who I had) was very knowledgeable and helpful though my first workout. It was a bit confusing on what I was suppose to be doing and when because of all the levels you can choose to follow throughout the workout but the instructor was right there helping me figure it all out. Also, by the time I made it home, I was emailed a summary of my workout based on my heart rate monitor (which I did have a little technical difficulty with at the beginning).

OTF Results.PNG
Summary of my heart rate monitor emailed to me immediately following my workout.

My suggestion is to try out the free class for yourself and see how you like it. Have them run down the packages with you (since I can’t) and if it’s a fit go for it! Be prepared to be asked multiple times to sign up. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were pushy about becoming a member but they were definitely attentive and looking to close.

OTF Selfie.JPG
Orangetheory Fitness West University on Bissonnet Street in Houston, TX

For more info on Orange Theory Fitness or to sign up for your free class visit

Side note: They are not just in Houston so if you travel a lot and want to be able to attend multiple locations that is another plus

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