What is there to say about Plex? Plex is a new obsession of mine. It is the reason it hurts to type this blog post right now.

Plex is a facility for sports performance training and physical therapy. My first visit was with a group of friends who were members and invited me to tag along, knowing I have a passion for working out. We did Cryotheraphy before the workout and then we were shuffled to the back for my first session. Danny, the owner, was our trainer that day and man did he give us a run for our money, literally. 

The workouts are 1 hour long and guided by a trainer where you do anything and everything from sprints, suicides and ladder runs to weight training, body weight exercises, ropes and resistance bands plus so much MUCH more! The sessions are always, always, always unique and innovative which makes it enjoyable to go back time and time again. 

I am NOT a morning workout person. I just literally don’t have the energy to workout before like 2-3 PM. So when I went for the first time with my friends to try it out, it was earlier in the day and I have to say I got very light headed multiple times. What was nice is that all of the trainers I have worked with (basically just Danny and Brian) are all really good about pushing you to your limit, but not beyond. They can tell if your head is not in it and will make sure you get the proper breaks so that you can get back at it and keep pushing. Brian was very patient with me through my first 2-3 solo workouts because I kept needing to take breaks and go much slower than what I assume other people go.

Like I said, after my initial Cryotherapy session and workout, I was hooked. I signed up for the 10 Plexecutive (Plexecutive is just adult training) Training Sessions for $250, which is a great deal for hour long personal training sessions. You can also purchase 5 Sessions for $150 or 1 Session for $35. They also have other programs for sports training, physical therapy, youth training and more.

I mentioned also trying Cryotherapy on my first visit. For those of you who don’t know, Cryotherapy is where you stand in a chamber that is somewhere in the range of -180 to -250 degrees for 3 minutes. For a girl who sits with a heating blanket everyday at work, it actually wasn’t a terribly bad experience. Cryotherapy is used to decrease pain and muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cell aging and improve health. Your first session is only $25 and $40 for every following session. I recommend trying it, if nothing else, just to get a fun photo like this one below 🙂


One down side for me is the location. Although it doesn’t take a terrible amount of time for me to get to, it is still a pretty decent hike. Parking on the other hand is lovely! One thing I hate about Houston is the parking situation, but because of it’s location, there is always ample amounts of parking.

The other downside, and to be honest, I doesn’t even phase me anymore, is that there is no AC. The facility is basically a massive, open warehouse filled with equipment and AstroTurf and some big ole fans and open garage doors for whatever breeze the Houston weather chooses to provide. I am usually sweating before I even start my warm up and completely drenched by the end, although if you read any of my other blog posts, you know I sweat more than most human beings. All I can say is that I am thankful for leather seats in my Jeep and always have a towel on hand when I get into my car for the drive home! 

I HIGHLY recommend Plex. So far it is my favorite workout/program and my basis for judging other workouts/programs. When I visit a new place I always think to myself, would I stop going to Plex for this?

For more info on Plex, visit or check them out on Facebook at or Instagram at plexathlete.

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